Advanced Power Conversion Systems for Railway Traction

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讲座题目:Advanced Power Conversion Systems for Railway Traction

主讲人:Pietro Tricoli 博士

主持人:陈民武 副教授


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Pietro Tricoli received the Ph.D. degree from Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy in 2005. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Electrical Power & Control within the Department of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering at University of Birmingham in UK.

Pietro Tricoli has over 100 research publications in scientific journals, conferences, and publicly available reports. His teaching and research interests include electrical machines and drives, the modeling, analysis and control of power electronics devices applied to electrical drives, renewable energy sources and storage devices. Pietro Tricoli is the member of several institutes and groups, including the IET Midland Power Group of UK, the Energy Institute of UK, IEEE IES, and the group SC04-GC05 Micro-Cogeneration of the Italian Thermal Technology Committee (CTI). He is also the Web & Publication Chair of the IEEE International Conference “Clean Electrical Power”.



Electrification of the railway allows for faster, greener, more reliable train journeys, improves passenger services and supports economic growth all over the world. These are because electric trains are faster and quieter than diesel trains and have much reduced carbon emissions. Therefore, significant investments are currently ongoing around the world to increase the level of electrification of railways. This is currently being undertaken at rolling stock level and infrastructure level. In the former, diesel trains are being replaced with a combination of hydrogen fuel cells and energy storage to allow journeys where the railways lines are not electrified. In the latter, new feeding arrangements are being considered to eliminate the problems of single-phase ac supply and low voltage dc supply. In both cases, power electronics, energy storage and new data management systems for the intelligent interconnection with the public grid will play a key role in the immediate future.

The lecture shows some of the recent research advances on advanced power converters for railway traction undertaken at the University of Birmingham and a critical discussion on possible directions for future research.








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