High Temperature Superconducting Cable Applications in Power Network and Electric Propulsion

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地点:牵引动力国家重点实验室 红楼218

报告人:Prof. Weijia Yuan



讲座地点:牵引动力国家重点实验室 红楼218

讲座题目:High Temperature Superconducting Cable Applications in Power Network and Electric Propulsion

主讲人:Prof. Weijia Yuan

主持人:郑珺 副教授


Professor Weijia Yuan received his Bachelor degree from Tsinghua University and his PhD degree from the University of Cambridge. He then became a junior research fellow at Wolfson College at the University of Cambridge. Prof. Yuan joined the University of Bath as a Lecturer/Assistant Professor in 2011, where he was later promoted to Reader/Associate Professor in 2016. He joined the University of Strathclyde as a Professor in 2018.

Prof. Yuan is now leading a research team of more than 10 members in the applied superconductivity area including energy storage, fault current limiters, machines and power transmission lines. His work also involves renewable energy integration and power system stability using energy storage systems. He has won IEEE Van Duzer Price and IoP Early Career Researcher Prize. Prof. Yuan is an IET Fellow and a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow.


The presentation introduces the application of high temperature superconducting cables in power network and electric propulsion. Two case studies will be presented. The first case study is a feasibility study for UK Western Power Distribution, discussing the HTS cable location, key challenges, safety and economic issues. The study was awarded a Network Innovation Allowance from UK National Grid. The second study is an Airbus supported study to model HTS propulsion network for electric aircraft propulsion, discussing the modelling and the fault analysis of HTS network.







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