Safety of Complex Engineering Systems - A High-Speed Rail Case Study

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报告人:Professor Teh Soo Lee


Safety is an often overlooked aspect of engineering projects and systems. The results of this oversight may be benign but also lead on occasion to system malfunction and spectacular failure which results in harm, economic damage and loss of life.

This presentation is an overview of the engineering and technical efforts to engineer safety in one high speed rail system where the specific geographic and physical characteristics have made safety an absolute top priority.

It will begin with an introduction to the railway system and its safety features. This will include physical and operational procedures which have been incorporated in design and construction as well as the reasons for these features and procedures. The presentation will then look at the integrated testing of the whole system.

In finishing, an actual emergency event will be presented in order to demonstrate the potential severity of an incident and reinforce the importance of safety in complex engineering system operations.




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