Valid Urban Travel Times: Elimination of outliers

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报告人:Henk van Zuylen



Travel time and travel time reliability are important characteristics of journeys. They determine important decisions such as the choice of travel mode, route, and departure time. In urban areas there are often several alternatives for routes and travel modes, so that travel time information is important in the decision process. Furthermore, travel times and travel time reliability are important evaluation characteristics of urban traffic and they are also important for the control of traffic.

Measuring travel times in a network of urban roads can be done with probe vehicles (e.g. taxis or Didi cars), by following mobile phones and by Automated Number Plate Cameras. However, in the measurements of link travel time we find outliers, trips with a longer than normal travel time. There are some methods to eliminate such outliers, such as the Rapid Moving Window and the Wavelet method. The rapid moving window is based on the assumption that the travel time of a driver is close to the travel time of the vehicle in front and the one behind. Another method is the removal of exceptional travel times from a time series by reconstructing the travel time pattern as function of the arrival time by a wavelet analysis.

In the presentation the travel time reliability will be discussed, that wavelet method will be explained and some results will be presented.


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