[学术活动]Visual Distance for Coverage Modeling and Optimization of Visual Sensor Networks
报告时间:2019-05-12 14:15    阅读次数:1757
[学术活动]Designing and Engineering Next Generation Nature-Inspired Aerial Robots
报告时间:2019-05-12 13:30    阅读次数:1749
[学术活动]Reliably State Estimation for Connected and Autonomous Highway Vehicles
报告时间:2019-05-12 09:45    阅读次数:1679
[学术活动]Assured Autonomy, Convex Optimization, and Team Games
报告时间:2019-05-12 08:45    阅读次数:1557
[学术活动]Mobile Manipulation in Dynamic Environments: Sensing, Perception and Control
报告时间:2019-05-11 15:00    阅读次数:1642
[学术活动]Visual perception and control of intelligent vehicles and Robotics
报告时间:2019-05-11 14:15    阅读次数:1422
[学术活动]Robotics Research for Practicality: Challenges and Strategies
报告时间:2019-05-11 13:30    阅读次数:1409
[学术活动]Control and Communication Interaction in Network Systems
报告时间:2019-05-11 11:15    阅读次数:1681
[学术活动]Synchronized Networks using Delayed Self-Reinforcement
报告时间:2019-05-11 09:45    阅读次数:1371
[学术活动]Autonomous Vehicles for a Smart Campus
报告时间:2019-05-11 08:45    阅读次数:1532



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